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Aruba has a perfect combination of temperature, wind strength and water conditions for beginning and expert windsurfers. It is therefore no surprise that Aruba is known as one of the best places on earth to practice windsurfing.

Join us at one of the world's most exciting Windsurf spots: Fisherman's Huts. Fisherman's Huts is an ideal spot for beginners to learn windsurfing and for advanced sailors to blast their way over the water. It is safe, with waist deep water and perfectly flat.
Fisherman's Huts is just 200 yards to the left of the last high rise hotel.

We rent equipment and give lessons to beginners -young and old- and to advanced sailors. Learn windsurfing, you will be amazed how much fun it is. Wim is Aruba's number one sailor and has won various international freestyle competitions. Improve your sailing in ideal conditions. Let us help you!

Ideal conditions to learn windsurfing

Though a small island, Aruba offers board sailors many beautiful spots. By far the most famous place for windsurfing is at the Fisherman's Huts. Here you will find a beautiful white beach with a great stretch of shallow water and lots of wind. The direction of the wind is offshore, thus creating almost perfectly flat water. This makes the Huts ideal for perfecting your transitions close to the beach. Further away from shore you can rip on the 'Blue Highway', no speed limits here.

On the southern tip of the North Coast there is Boca Grandi. 'Boca' is a bay that has onshore winds and perfect waves. The wind picks up late in the afternoon, after three. In the mornings you can fly at the Huts, have lunch and then try out your wave sailing at Boca Grandi. Other sailing spots which deserve a visit by more experienced sailors are Westpunt - where you will find the most challenging wave conditions and Balashi, where you can sail to a small reef island. These spots are for advanced sailors.

If you are an advanced sailor, ask us for trips to these spots. We love sailing there too.



Beginner lesson (2hrs) $50 p.p.
Beginner's course (5hrs) $135 p.p.
Private advanced lesson (1hr) excluding gear. $40 p.p.
Receive a 5% discount if you come with a group of 4 or more.

(including harness, life vest, booties)
1hr : $20,-
2hrs : $30,-
1/2 day (4hrs) : $45,-
1day (7hrs) : $55,-
1 week : $245
Receive a 5% discount if you come with a group of 4 or more.

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