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Things To Do in Aruba

windsurfing kitesurfing Landsailing Mountain biking

Aruba has a perfect combination of temperature, wind strength and water conditions for beginning and expert windsurfers. It is therefore no surprise that Aruba is known as one of the best places on earth to practice windsurfing. Join us at one of the world's most exciting Windsurf spots: Fisherman's Huts. Fisherman's Huts is an ideal spot for beginners to learn windsurfing and for advanced sailors to blast their way over the water. It is safe, with waist deep water and perfectly flat. Fisherman's Huts is just 200 yards to the left of the last high rise hotel... [more]


Kite surfing is the hottest water sport. This sport is practised on the water with a board and a kite. Lessons include:

  • Short instruction (safety and knowledge of equipment)

  • Starting and landing of the kite

  • Navigate the kite

  • Body dragging through the water

  • Learning how to kite surf your first meters.

Let's go Kitesurfing in Aruba ... [more]


Landsailing crafts can reach 2 to 3 times the speed of the accompanying wind. Under normal wind conditions, our land sail may reach even 35 mph. Landsailing on Aruba is exciting... your ultimate fun in the sun. Aruba Active Vacations s is the only company which provides land sailing on Aruba. Landsailing is quite easy to learn. You are navigating with your legs and you control the sail you with a sheet rope just pull the rope to sheet in to step on the gaz and refrain from pulling the rope for sheeting out and slowing down. The sail is about 5 square meters in size. Just sheet in and hold on for the ride of your life. Dare to do something you have never done before...[more]
Mountain biking

What better to explore the rough north side of the island than with a mountain bike. Aruba Active Vacations s offers top quality TREK bikes and protective gear. You can either rent our bikes simply to have an easy mode of transportation or to make exploration trips. We provide you with maps with scenic routes. Every Wednesday and Sunday we make a organized tour with a small group. This trip brings you to the beautiful rock formation. We go there by car and from there we explore the beautiful North Shore...[more]

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