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Arikok National Park - Arikok National Park - Arikok National Park by 4wd - Arikok Frenchmen's pass
Park Entrance Cruising through the park French Mans Pass

Next to the 187 meters high hill Arikok you can find the Arikok National Park. In 1972 STINAPA got this area to make a park of 870 acres. If you enjoy nature, this is a place you should go to.
Arikok National Park is a natural preserve which features some of the oldest Arawak drawings, as well as trails that showcase Aruba's great variety of plants and animals like the divi-divi and kwihi trees, rare and exotic cacti, aloe, tropical flowers, birds and iguanas. It is an area of unique scenic beauty, flora and fauna, geological formations and cultural resources. The highest points in Aruba are located in the park and include Arikok and Jamanota hilltops.

If you plan to go out for a walk, do this early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Because of high temperatures it's recommendable to wear a had or a cap and long pants because of many cactaceous plants.

Goats everywhere Road Signs Wild donkey

To get to the park follow the road signs with the text Cunucu Arikok (from Santa Cruz - Tanki Kas Ariba - Urataca - Picaron and San Fuego - in the direction of Boca Prins).

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